The Coral One

2-in-1 vacuum robot and cyclonic handheld. Long-lasting, powerful vacuum robot for everyday cleaning. Ergonomic detachable handheld with cyclonic suction for spot cleaning. Together they tackle life’s day-to-day messes.
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  • Versatile cleaning for every situation: Traditional vacuum robots only take care of your floor. The 2-in-1 handheld lets you easily clean between couch cushions, in car seats, and in hard-to-reach corners. 

  • Long-lasting battery: Up to 90 minutes of run time while in robot mode / 70 minutes in handheld mode. Even when the robot is low on power, there is an additional 20 minutes of handheld suction.

  • Powerful Suction & Motorized Cleaning Brushes: Industry-leading 2.7kPa of suction power works with motorized brushes to get between carpet pile, pick up hair, and scoop up Cheerios.

  • Privacy Navigation: Maps your home’s layout without ever uploading the sensitive information to the cloud, allowing you to have peace of mind and a cleaner home.

  • Automatic Charging: After cleaning, your robot automatically searches for its dock and recharges.

  • Reduce Allergens: HEPA Filtration captures allergens and dirt to remove particles as small as 3 microns


            What are vacuum robots good at?

            • Cleaning Your Floors

              They’re great at cleaning general dust & debris on various types of floors. Be careful, though not all robots are made equal. The Coral One is able to handle high-pile rugs and floor transitions up to 1 inch thick.

            • Reducing Deep Clean Cycles

              You might already be doing a deep clean every 2 weeks. However, with a robot vacuum handling daily maintenance & cleaning, you may be able to reduce deep clean cycles to every 4 weeks.

            • Keeping your Pet Company

              When you’re at work or traveling on the weekend, who’s going to keep your pet company? Just turn on the robot before you head out, and your pet will always have some company.

            What are vacuum robots bad at?

            • They Don’t Climb Stairs

              Vacuum robots are great for single-level cleaning because they don’t climb stairs. Don’t worry we wish we were living in the year 3000 where vacuum robots might be climbing stairs, too.

            • Spot Cleaning

              Missed a spot? Vacuum robots don’t get to every nook & cranny. Spot cleaning with a vacuum robot can be frustrating since you don’t have full manual control.

            • Cleaning Everything Else

              We don’t just clean our floors. Our homes of filled with things to be cleaned: kitchen counters, tables, couches, cars, etc. Vacuum robots can’t get to all of them.

            The Coral One can do both.

            What’s In the Box

            • Charging Dock and Cable
            • Remote Control
            • Coral One Vacuum Robot
            • Handheld Dustbin
            • Side Brush
            • Crevice and Fabric Attachments


            • Dimensions

              32 x 32 x 13.6 cm

            • Weight

              4.0 kgs

            • Material

              ABS Plastic

            • Suction Power (kPA)

              2700/4000 (Robot/Handheld)

            • Dustbin Capacity

              0.45/0.47 L (Robot/Handheld)

            • Roller Brush Length

              185 mm

            • Filter Level


            • Battery

              Li-ion (26650) 5000 mAh

            • Operation Time

              90/60 min (Robot/Handheld)

            • Charging Time

              4.5 hours

            • Climbing Ability (Hard Floor)

              1 inch

            • Climbing Ability (Carpet)

              1.25 inch